To provide an excellent child play center in a kid-friendly indoor, fun activity atmosphere while ensuring our customers, both parent and child, receive excellent service in a playful and safe environment.

Pocono Rocks is the brainchild of Darien Bohdal, who has dedicated himself to a life of fitness, activity and to always going “the extra mile.”  He has 15 years of life experience in climbing, health, and all aspects of outdoor activities.  He is someone who was never one to “sit around” all day.  He has 9 yrs. of mixed martial arts and has earned his black belt.  He has run several marathons and mud runs, plays tennis, is an avid skier, and has thousands of miles of mountain biking.  Darien has dedicated most of his adult life to taking care of children and as a father of 2 he aims to create a CLEAN, SAFE, and first class venue that will be a pleasure to visit for both parents and children.  He would also like to promote keeping all children physically active and assist families to become more health and fitness conscience.  It is Darien’s passion and the many years’ experience he has which has brought him to this endeavor of giving children an activity center in which to safely play.  Darien’s’ plans for birthday parties and after-school programs will encourage a more active lifestyle, improve childhood obesity and  boost children’s self-confidence as well as support proper social skills.   Darien is a “Graduate of Life” and has all the essential skills necessary to make POCONO ROCKS! a success and an asset to the Mount Pocono Boro and surrounding communities!!!

The Little Rock Café inside Pocono Rocks! will be under the direct management of Jodi Bohdal, who is a talented connoisseur of food who has had a lifelong passion for preparing quality meals and the latest culinary trends.  While previously managing several restaurants, she always cultivated a high profile with guests and had an understanding of what the customer’s needs were.  Jodi grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, where she became a self-taught chef using family recipes, fine-tuning them with her own personal touches.  Her ever-changing menu will include such intensely flavored dishes as quiche/frittatos, stuffed veggies (peppers, squash), turkey meatloaf stuffed with quinoa, stuffed Portobello (napoleon), stuffed chicked burgers (Brie, spinach), lasagna/meatballs, Bananas Foster over pancakes, stuffed French toast with Nutella or fruit cream cheese, and other mouth-watering dishes too many to list.  All foods will be impeccably prepared using fresh meats and vegetables.  The Little Rock Café menu will remain unsurpassed and continue to be a reflection of Jodi’s culinary talents!  Not only will you be experiencing food as fresh as the décor, but also will receive service that will always be friendly and inviting!!

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