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The Little Rock Cafe has a variety of meals for everyone to enjoy while they play! Jodi has put together a combination of classic meals elevated to a level that can only be described as gourmet!

Breakfast can be as hearty as "The Bounce Platter", thick bacon and eggs the way that you want with Jodi's specially seasoned Homefries and side of toast. Or it can be as light as her delicately thin crepes prepared with either Nutella or cream cheese accented with fresh fruit. And if you want to start your day fully fueled you can try Darien's Famous Steel Cut Oats loaded with nutrition packed oats, Greek yogurt and healthy fresh fruit lightly sprinkled with shaved chocolate. For those that like their breakfast on the sweet side there's the Classic Pocono Pancake stack, Pancake Foster or Sweet French Toast. Take a look at all the other options too and best of all, they are SERVED ALL DAY!

Competing Lunch dishes will captivate you and just plain make your mouth water with delight! Jodi's Signature Chicken Burger may be a leaner choice but the infusion of the perfect balance of spinach & brie will Rock your world! But if you're looking for good old fashioned beef burger then you may want to try the "The Rock", a Bacon and Blue Cheese Beef Burger specially seasoned and prepared just the way you like it... this one will leave you with a long lasting memory of the Poconos. There are sandwiches, wraps, homemade pierogies, pizzas and more!

Coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, teas coupled with the perfect dessert can complete every great meal and we have it all.

Come and check out the food and let the kids enjoy the entertainment until the kid in you wants to try it as well!

You can download our Full Menu to see everything we have to offer below.

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